You ruined me

The Adjustment Bureau, just watched it.  Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  New York.  Their undying love for each other.  Perhaps unrealistic...but still sweet, and interesting concept.    

Elise: I'm not some hopeless romantic. I would never allow myself to be that way, but once I felt, even for a moment, what I felt with you... You ruined me. I didn't want to settle for less.
David: I know the feeling. 
Elise: It scares the shit out of me. 
David: I'm not going to hurt you
Elise: You don't have to say that
David: I'm not going to hurt you

That's a quote from one scene that really grabbed me.  One of the last scenes was particularly heart tugging, while they were in the washroom before she was supposed to get married, she was so hurt by him, it was such an honest moment.  Anyway, I liked it.  Love story wrapped in an Action/Fantasy movie.    

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