Third Day of Crafts: Origami Place Cards

I had to make a bunch of place cards for a friend's wedding.  So I found this origami star design and decided to make the stars into place cards.  It's pretty, but it takes a long time just to make one, luckily it was a small wedding.   See tutorial below:

fold paper in half and in half again, open and repeat on other side to make 16 squares
fold diagonally, and repeat on other side
this is what your paper should look like at this point
fold corner into middle
repeat with all four corners, open back up
fold two sides into middle
pull down top and pull sides out to make it pointed, as shown, repeat with the bottom so they meet at centre
this is what your paper should look like
put your finger into one point, flatten it out to make a square
repeat with all four points
fold two sides of each square into their centre line
this is what it should look like, still with me?
fold each point back, but make sure you can still see some
this is what the back will look like at this point
open up one of the triangles and pull open, flatten out to look like the above
repeat with all sides.  done!  (front)
take your folded stars, and put them together by nestling one into the other, holding it in place with points that were folded back into triangles
your star!

print and punch out your names.  i printed mine using MS Word and opening the label template Avery 8293.  my scallop punch was 1.5 inches in diameter, so this template was perfect for it.  fits 20 names on it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the finished product.  What a dumbo.  So, I'll just explain what I did do.  I took the punched out name and taped it to the middle of the star.  Then, I took a wood skewer and inserted it between the two stars, and stuck the bottom of the stick into a Ferrero Rocher chocolate to act as the base!   Place on each plate.  Pretty and yummy.  :) 


Second Day of Crafts

Got through another day. 

I think I've become obsessed with making coffee cozies.

I made two more cozies, from patterns I got on the following sites:

Skip to my Lou
Attic 24
Bubble Girl Knit and Crochet

Please excuse the water bottle, I didn't have a proper mug at photo time
this one is my fav

Next up, I think I'm going to try and make macarons.  Mmm...

Anna and Blue


First Day of Crafts

I've been a bit behind on my crafts, I promised 12 days and I've been a little late with the first.  I have been doing stuff, just been forgetting to document it.  Also, I've been a bit busy....doing nothing at all.  =T  I barely got out of bed today.

Anyway, here's my first.  I'm going to give it to one of my coworkers.   I followed the tutorial on this blog This Little Blog of Mine.  I thought it was very cute and sweet. 

Check it out.  Please excuse the dasani water bottle, I had nothing else to use.  It was either a cup that was too small, or the water bottle.  I used both.



Beyonce. is. a. boss.

Can't wait to hear the album.  Can't wait to hear this song. ❤ 

Update: Obsessed.


12 Days (Posts) of Crafts

Christmas.  A time for family and friends and loved ones to get together and be merry.  I don't celebrate Christmas anymore, but it used to always be my favourite time of year.

This year, I've taken stock and realized just how alone I am.  Yes, I have friends, I have family, but, I don't have a closeness with anyone.  I think everyone measures that differently.  But, I am more of an emotionally-inclined person, and I feel very deeply, and give my feelings from a very deep place in myself, so the lonely feeling feels so much more intense for me.  

I've had my ups and downs with many people, and I realized that most of the people, including family, that I care about, are not willing to sacrifice for me the way that I would and do for them.  It sucks.  More importantly though, I think THEY suck.  They are just unwilling to give of themselves without expecting something in return.  Whereas my actions toward them were never informed by what I thought I would get back.  One just loves for the sake of loving, am I right?  I'm pretty sure that is the definition of loveI sat here thinking just how lonely it feels when you have nobody that is 100% in your corner no matter what.  It kills.  It's kill-ing me.  There are way too many selfish people in the world now.  If you have someone in your life that is there for you in your times of need, you should appreciate that and be thankful every single day.

Come to think of it, I've never really felt what it's like to be apologized to for wrongs done to me.  Most people are too concerned with guarding themselves than making someone else feel better, and having a good relationship.  Or maybe they just don't feel sorry.  I guess that's obviously possible too.  My mother would rather die than apologize to her daughter, who should only be respectful and not require such things of her.  Being wrong is just not part of her vocabulary.

I did once have someone in my life, who gave their heart freely to me.  Whom I think I can honestly say loved me.  It was the most refreshing amazing thing.  He was just, a very kind, honest person.  I learned then, really, what love is, and what it is not.    He's getting married now (thanks for the info, Lainey!).  That was only slightly sarcastic.  :)   I think he may be having a child as well.  I don't know though, I deleted my facebook so I don't have to see things like this.  But, what a strange feeling.  It's heartbreaking, but mostly because I want that for myself and I don't have it.  I'm truly happy for him, I realize I'm just sad for me.  Knowing love like that and then losing it, is the most torturous feeling because, there's a chance you may never find it again.  I genuinely don't think I will, and that I need to get used to being alone.  .  .  I will never get used to it.

This leads me to the purpose of this post.  How come I always go off on a depressing tangent??

Well I'd like to do 12 days of crafts.  1. to occupy my time so I don't have to think of all the reasons I am alone.  2.  so that I can give my crafts away to people and be a giving person.   A giving person so that I will NEVER ever be in danger of being a selfish *sshole like 80% of the population.  I will space it out over 36 days, so one craft complete every third day, hopefully.  Then I will post the accomplishment.

Any suggestions for crafts that will be giftable?

melissa genco



O.M.G.  The Best Man sequel is out!  It was actually out two weekends ago, but I just found out about it this week!  What rock have I been living under?

If you haven't seen The Best Man, you must see it, pronto, because it's an awesome movie; Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs.... ❤  I like all the others too, but those three just remind me of days gone by.  The first movie came out in 1999.  Holy sh*t can time have really gone by that quickly?  Seems like yesterday.  I just re-watched it this weekend, and I'm ready to see the sequel.  I want to see it in the theatre, definitely want to support the box office.  They've already grossed $50m so far!  I'm so happy for them!    

For those of you that HAVE seen it, who's your favourite character??  I love Lance and Mia .  They have got to be the prettiest couple in the history of movies.  Lance is the definition of man.  I was watching an interview on Arensio with all of the guys from the movie, and Arsenio asked Terence Howard to talk about Morris Chestnut.  Now, you know how, when an actor portrays a certain character so often, that you just start to think that's how the person is in real life, but you're disappointed when you find out they aren't anything like what you thought they were??  Well, that did not happen here, thank God!  

I don't know what it is, if I just have low standards for people or what, but I think it's amazing how someone so strikingly gorgeous and famous can still be so down to earth, kind, and just a generally good person.  To top it all off, he's been married for 17 YEARS.  I guess it just all boils down to character, no matter what you look like, you either have good character or you don't.  Anywho, check out the video, there's also a hilariously awkward part at the end where Arsenio asks the same question to Taye Diggs about Harold Perrineau, and he was struggling SO. HARD.  Pretty funny.  I guess they don't all chill with each other in real life?  :(


All-Time Best Song

"Can You Stand The Rain"

On a perfect day I know that I can count on you. when that's not possible, tell
me can you weather the storm?

Cause I need somebody who will stand by me through the good times and bad
times she will always, always be right there.

Sunny days everybody loves them tell me baby can you stand the rain?  Storms
will come this we know for sure (this we know for sure) can you stand the rain?

(yeah yeah) love unconditional I'm not asking just of you.  Girl to make it
last I'll do whatever needs to be done.

But I need somebody who will stand by me, when it's tough she won't run she
will always, be right there for me.

Sunny days every body loves them tell me baby can you stand the rain. Storms
will come (ricky) I know I know all the days won't be perfect (this we know for
sure) but tell me can you stand it, can you stand the rain?

Can you stand the rain [4x]

No pressure no pressure from me baby (this we know for sure) cause I want
you and I need you and I love you girl.

Will you be there for me

Come on baby lets go get wet

Can you stand the rain [10x]

Can you stand the rain?
Will you be there girl?
Storms will come for sure.
Can you stand the rain?

Yeah it's hard but I'll know I'll be right there baby yeah yeah yeah.

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Second Favourite Song...(of the moment)

 "I Have Nothing"

Share my life, take me for what I am
'Cause I'll never change all my colours for you
Take my love, I'll never ask for too much
Just all that you are and everything that you do

I don't really need to look very much further
I don't wanna have to go where you don't follow
I won't hold it back again, this passion inside
Can't run from myself
There's nowhere to hide

Don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don't walk away from me...
I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you, you, you, you.

You see through right to the heart of me
You break down my walls with the strength of your love
I never knew love like I've known it with you
Will a memory survive, one I can hold on to

I don't really need to look very much further
I don't wanna have to go where you don't follow
I won't hold it back again, this passion inside
I can't run from myself
There's nowhere to hide
Your love I'll remember forever

Don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don't walk away from me...
I have nothing, nothing, nothing...

Don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don't walk away from me, no.
Don't walk away from me
Don't you dare walk away from me
I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you,
If I don't have you, oh, ooh, ooh.

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Paris on a pedestal

I have always had a strong desire to visit Paris.  From everything I'd ever seen, it just seemed to be the most enchanting and captivating place.  And now I know, it really is!  I also love doing crafts, so crafts that have to do with Paris really make me swoon.  :)

I saw this sweet "Paris" plate at Home Sense one day and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  My friend's birthday was coming up, so I thought I'd make her a tiered tray!  Unfortunately I ran into a few bumps and I never finished it.  :(  I'm a horrible friend. 

On a brighter note, I finally finished it!

The major thing that was holding up this entire process was the beautiful black base.  Not so beautiful when I found it.  I got it at Good Will, it was just a regular clear glass vase, one that nobody would have taken a second look at.  I brought it home and spray painted it with my usual black Valspar spray paint, but this time in a glossy finish.  It looked BEE-YEW-TIFUL!!  Then I found out, when I lay the plate on top, that my beautiful base was not LEVEL!!   So, loooong story short, I used a glue gun to level out the top of the base and somehow I managed to finally finish the project.  I had also hoped to make the tray removable so as to store easier, and I actually managed that as well.  I'll tell you how!

Here's what I used, basically..

  • Glue gun
  • Black (Valspar) Spray paint
  • Decorative Sand (to weigh down the base)
  • Electrical tape
  • Cork
  • Super Glue
  • A Plate & Vase

In a nutshell, here's how to make it.  I'm sure it's pretty much self explanatory, though.  

1.  Spray paint the vase, any colour you wish but in a glossy finish, let dry.
2.  Level out the top of the vase, if necessary, using a glue gun.
3.  Fill the vase with sand, and plug it with a cork, to give it as much weight as possible.  If it's going to be functional it needs to be heavy.
4.  Take a cork and measure it inside the vase.  If the cork is still loose inside, wrap the cork in electrical tape just until it fits snugly in.  You don't want it to fit super tight or most likely the cork will come loose from the plate.
5.  Locate the centre of the bottom of the plate, super glue the cork to the bottom.
6.  Once glue is dried, fit the plate onto the vase.  Voila!

Doesn't the texture of the base remind you of the Eifel tower??

The worst feeling..

You know what the saddest feeling in the world is?  Knowing that you can't go back in time to change the past and, at the same time, not wanting to do anything to move forward from it.  Being stuck in a time warp, where time doesn't really seem to move forward, and the only way you realize anything is moving is because others are.  Not knowing how to move on, even if you wanted to.  But, you don't want to.  Wondering genuinely how others can.  Does it mean that when you move on, the past didn't matter?  Hopefully not.  There's no nobility in holding on.  It just drags your heart and mind down.  Most people know this.  But some people just like to wallow in eternal self-pity.

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