Third Day of Crafts: Origami Place Cards

I had to make a bunch of place cards for a friend's wedding.  So I found this origami star design and decided to make the stars into place cards.  It's pretty, but it takes a long time just to make one, luckily it was a small wedding.   See tutorial below:

fold paper in half and in half again, open and repeat on other side to make 16 squares
fold diagonally, and repeat on other side
this is what your paper should look like at this point
fold corner into middle
repeat with all four corners, open back up
fold two sides into middle
pull down top and pull sides out to make it pointed, as shown, repeat with the bottom so they meet at centre
this is what your paper should look like
put your finger into one point, flatten it out to make a square
repeat with all four points
fold two sides of each square into their centre line
this is what it should look like, still with me?
fold each point back, but make sure you can still see some
this is what the back will look like at this point
open up one of the triangles and pull open, flatten out to look like the above
repeat with all sides.  done!  (front)
take your folded stars, and put them together by nestling one into the other, holding it in place with points that were folded back into triangles
your star!

print and punch out your names.  i printed mine using MS Word and opening the label template Avery 8293.  my scallop punch was 1.5 inches in diameter, so this template was perfect for it.  fits 20 names on it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the finished product.  What a dumbo.  So, I'll just explain what I did do.  I took the punched out name and taped it to the middle of the star.  Then, I took a wood skewer and inserted it between the two stars, and stuck the bottom of the stick into a Ferrero Rocher chocolate to act as the base!   Place on each plate.  Pretty and yummy.  :) 

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