starting the blog...

I've decided to start this blog.  I have so many ideas for crafts, desserts, etc., that I want to create, and I need this blog to force me to achieve my creative goals.  I always want to do so much and never end up doing anything as a result.  So, I've decided, I'm going to start this half of the month by trying to teach myself to crochet.

I searched around, and I was so supremely inspired by the CUTEST booties I've ever seen; found at another blogger's site Crochet Dreamz.  I bought the pattern and now I'm ready to go.  By September 15th.....  I will have a picture of two booties and a blanket to show you!  This is my goal..if I fail.....please...don't judge me.  teehee.  :)

picture of the booties i am attempting to make...aren't they awesome??!

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  1. Omg these are so cute? Can u teach me how to make these this Thursday?


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