OK i'm back.  i'm BaAaAaaaack!! (Oprah voice).   Okay.. so I set myself up for failure 10 short months ago.  I failed to make the baby shoes. 

What to do..what to do ..what to do??!  

Well, I've joined a CRAFT group with my friends.  Is that awesome or what??!    Every week we do something different.. and so far it's been really really fun.  :)  It makes me REALLY happy meeting up with them.. it's a great excuse to get together often. 

Anyway, here's what I really want to do with this blog.   I'm gonna be honest here.... I'm pretty darn depressed.  I don't mean sad.. I mean the real D word.  I'm just not happy.  BUT.. I'm trying to claw myself out of it.  I'm not on anti-depressants (they were keeping me awake at night) so I'm trying daily to be positive and think logically (thank you CBT) and not fall back into the depths.  SO back to what I want to do with this blog.  I'm thinking....I think.. there are other people out there like me.  I'm hoping my blog can say to those of you who are.."hey, we're the same.. :)".. with a cute smile, wink, and hand signed gunshot.  SERIOUSLY, I want to help myself.. I want to come out of it.  I will.    I want others to too.  

Life.. is so fleeting.  Let's take small steps to make use of what we have.  It was so sunny out today.  Beautiful.  Then at night it was rainstorming and hailing.   You know what the means?!!  I should've enjoyed the sunshine during the day.. and I didn't.  I sat indoors.   what a WASTE!   Let's put aside our fears.. and our troubles.. and do stuff that makes us HAPPY.  :)   HAPPY!  happy happy joy joy!!  where is that from?  OKAY i'm really overdoing the perky...phew.  I will calm down.  

Next posting coming SOON, stay tuned.. :)

(i couldn't resist... i found out where it's from.  hehe)

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  1. Hihi!!! I love getting together with u every week! We gotta buy our masks soon and start our channel!!! Hahhaha
    Maybe I should get outside and get a tan imagine the vampire cat with a tan?


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