Jewellery Crafting..! Woot..!

Well I haven't blogged, again, in a while.. sigh.  ALWAYS an excuse.  This time it was studying & I went on a trip to Italy.  So, I thought I'd do a post about the project I finished before I left for the trip.

I got together with the girls a couple weeks ago for a jewellery crafting session.  I found this really CUTE fabric necklace pattern on www.amybutlerdesign.com and thought I would try it out while everyone else in the craft club was making necklaces with their wire and pliers (too complicated for me with my poor planning).  I don't really wear jewellery very much to boot, so this bohemian style works well for me. 

The tutorial for it can be found here http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/pdfs/FabricNecklace.pdf .  She has some other really inspiring free craft patterns you might want to check out too.

SO, this is what it SHOULD look like...

And this is what I made...

whaddya think??!! 

My apologies for the crumby pics.. I will def post better ones in the future.  But you get the gist.  It was actually surprisingly easy.. though the colours I chose ended up not really working.  CURSE those two dark fabrics!!  =T  gr.  The fabric itself only cost $8 though, and I could make probably 3 more necklaces with that.  The 1" balls you can get in a pack of 24 at the dollar store.  Not bad for an entire necklace, eh?   I will definitely make a second attempt.

NOW, the only problem I ran into was when I finally sewed the tube of fabric together, the balls didn't really fit inside in some spots because they were too big.  I must have cut the fabric in different sizes.  My quick fix was to just open a small hole in the seam and shove the balls in, while simply overlapping the fabric around the ball and then knotting as per usual.   That worked so well I am considering trying again without even bothering to sew it on either side.  We'll see..  if you try it out you'll know what I mean.    Unless yours is perfect of course... and if that's the case..  then......... kudos to you!!  :)   I swear I'm not bitter....;P

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  1. I love the necklace! It turned out so nice! Next time I see you I'm gonna make one too!!! I also can't wait to see the photos and hear all about your adventures in Italy! Missed u and glad u are back!


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