It's raining, It's pouring...my cat is snoring

It's raining today.  I love it.
Perhaps I have a depressive personality, but something about the rain is so calming and comforting, yet still fear inducing when it's thundering and lightning.  I love sitting outside when it's really coming down and just watching the storm.  It's a fascinating dichotomy how a rainstorm can create a feeling of peace and also terror.  How rain could be a blessing but then sometimes a curse.  It just reminds me that we are these little tiny specks in something so much greater.  

Which is why it is SO important to finish our craft projects before it's too late.  =X  j/k. half kidding.   
It was nice and cool outside because of the rain, so I decided to try and finish my "top secret" project.  It really wasn't top secret, I was just trying to create buzz.  haha.  Buzz among my three followers.  :)  I know I always mention you guys but I don't mean it negatively I swear, I really do you.  ;P  

So the project was to take those plain wooden tv trays that you always see at Canadian Tire or Target (we have four in our house!) and make them into something pretty!
here's the ugly sucker

So I took one table, and I took alllll the ideas I've seen on various blogs and decided to make something hopefully beautiful.  :)   As I roamed through the blogosphere I noticed all the "cool kids" have been doing something or another with gradient colours.  So I decided to use that in conjunction with the numbers decoration style (nod to Red Hen Home).

Problem is I don't have a darn vinyl cutter, or stencil, so I took the painstakingly long route of reverse stenciling the letters and numbers on.

I painted the wood, then stuck stickers on top of the green/blue paint

It was a pain mostly because the blue is very dark, so painting over it with the white made it necessary to apply many many coats. 

Then, the paint was so thick it was a TAD difficult to take off the stickers.  But it worked out.  One more coat of paint on the legs, and then some poly (tips for poly application, anyone?), and I will show you the final product.  Here is a pic with stickers removed...

the paint was very metallic so it was very shiny when I took the pic

FORGIVE ME, I know I said I would never take crumby pics again after the Fabric Necklace Picture Fiasco of 2011 (don't you love how dramatic I am?), but I don't have my camera!!  I had to take pictures with my crappy NON-SMART phone and SEND each photo to my email in order to get these photos onto this post!  Well they aren't thaaat bad I suppose, but they aren't super clear or very visually pleasing either.  hee.  =I

I will show you finished project in my next post!

Happy Tuesday All!  :)

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