Do you have cats??


If you have cats, which I'm starting to think a lot of the crafters out there do, you need to check out the blog Cat versus Human.  It's a comic blog, the author posts her comics a couple times a week which revolve mostly around the ownership of cats.  I stumbled on it yesterday and I could not stop laughing my a*s off!  ;)  pardon my english.  hee.  I read through the entire blog in one sitting and discovered the reason it's funny.... is because it's true.  :)  I love it, check it out!  

It's funny how even when I look at this and laugh, and know it's true, I still can say I looove my kitty.  She can be a real b*tch sometimes, but I'm pretty sure that only endears me to her even more, and that's all part of why I love her.    Dog owners just can't understand!

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    i love the site you showed me
    only WE will understand!


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