Mod Podge TV Tray

As I said I would, I've refinished another boring wood TV Tray.  Yay for me!  :)  I've been recovering from a weird summer "cold" for the last week, which still has not completely gone away, so I mostly stayed in this weekend and used it to start and finish this table off!  I knew I wanted to do the next tray with Mod Podge and some type of pretty paper, and as I leafed through the pieces of scrapbook paper I've collected over the years, I KNEW, this paper was the one I wanted. 

is it not the sweetest??!

I really wanted to paint the table in white, because the paper just seems so delicate that it deserved to have a delicate backdrop.  However, the paper looks very vintage-y, so I thought the black would make it stand out and also kind of make the paper look like a film reel or something because of the black border on top and bottom.  Anyway, that was my logic.  Was it a good choice, yay/nay??

The project itself was super simple, of course, and that's the way I like it!  I only needed 6 items to help me from start to finish!  See below!

darnit, i forgot to mention the brayer, i also used a brayer!

FIRST I disassembled the table with my trusty screwdriver.  Then I sanded the tabletop and legs a little bit with a 180 grit paper, and wiped it down.   SECOND I sprayed two coats of flat black Valspar paint on the entire piece; except for the bottom side of the table because nobody will see that and I didn't want to waste precious spray paint!   THIRD Once that was dry, I took my beeeautiful scrapbook paper and measured it against the tabletop.  I had to cut one of the sheets with my exacto knife to fit perfectly to the edge.  Then, the tricky scary part.  It's the first time I've used Mod Podge in this type of application so, as usual, I was very nervous and wanted to delay this part as long as I could.  I stared at it for maybe twenty minutes, then I just poured my Mod Podge into a yogurt container and got to podgin'!  :)  FOURTH I slathered the Mod Podge onto the tabletop with a foam brush, then quickly onto the back of my first sheet of paper.  I laid it on, and used the brayer to smooth out the paper and squeeze out the excess glue that was underneath.  Then I did the same with the second piece of paper (side note: I am a messy crafter, so as I left my second piece of paper NEAR the area I was Mod Podging the first one, SOME HOW some WAY a little drop of glue got onto the paper and when I wen to grab it it RIPPED a couple of tiny patches away from the picture. I was horrified but still had to work quickly and move on.  Lesson learned: be neater and more organized.)  Anyway, then I quickly wiped away the excess glue globs from the top and sides with a damp wash cloth and I let it sit for 20 minutes.  FIFTH After it was dry, I started the sealing process by painting on 5 successive coats of the Mod Podge, directly on top, twenty minutes apart.  Make sure when you are doing these coats that no air bubbles show up, or they will dry as bubbles!  (okay okay, so I had ONE minuscule bubble in mine, betcha can't see it in the picture though!  hee.)   Then I was done!  After the last coat was dry I reassembled and voila!  A new, pretty, vintage, LOVE-ly table.  ;)

The total cost, not including TV tray because I already have TONS of those, was $4.50 (for black spray paint) + $0.20 x 2 (for paper) + $7.00 / 3 (for Mod Podge b/c I still have 2/3 left) = $7.23.



  1. I turned out so cute...I have a question,is the surface smooth after using the Mod Podge? if you want to clean it, is it easy , like can you wipe things of it or they will stick to the surface...
    If you have free time check out my modest new blog, I'm looking for a cheap nesting tables and I wanted to stencil them but I liked your way maybe I will try it too

  2. cute! wow you've been working hard lately! :)

  3. LOVE IT! ... I wonder what I should do with my pretty paper now ?!


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