Wedding Stuff - Card Box

I've been helping a friend do some last minute things for her very intimate wedding of 30 people, and one of those things includes the card box! I was so happy that she asked me because it just gives me an excuse to try and make something pretty for her to make her happy on her special day.

I love to make things that are simple to do, simple to look at, but with some sort of wow-y factor.  :)  Which in this case I thought was the bow.  I loooove it! 

I wrapped the ribbon around the box and tied a big knot.  One end was short, which was going to end up being one hanging part.  Then I unraveled all the ribbon from the spool and started to make six loops by making a figure eight 3 times.  Holding in the middle, I took a black twist tie and slipped it behind the original knot and around the middle of the "figure eights".  Then I fluffed up the loops and voila!  I cut the excess ribbon and wrapped it around the middle to cover the twist tie.  Don't you the "love"??  ;)


craft box (below)
valspar black spray paint
scrapbook paper
adhesive glitter letters
exacto knife 

I spray painted the lid black.  EASY.  Then I taped three scrapbook paper sheets together at the back, where the pattern matched, and then glued it also.  So when I wrapped it around the box, it was seamless!  This was a much cheaper option than wrapping paper @ Michaels; cost me $0.60 vs $5.00 for the damask wrapping paper.

I cut a hole in the top of the box to fit the cards.  Then I cut some satin ribbon to line the hole so that you can't see the yucky edges.

I glued the two sides on last.  I quickly just touched both ends of the cut ribbon to the burner on the stove so it would seal and make it look cleaner when glued down without any chance for frayed edges showing.

Then I stuck the letters on, and done!

Having a wedding anytime soon??


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