Geung Cheung

one word: YUM

Alright, so let me preface this post by saying, I'm not Asian.  :)  hee.  However, living in Toronto allows one to be exposed to many, many cultures aside from one's own, which is awesome.  I am so privileged to live somewhere that has a lot of diversity.  I'll never forget the time in Jamaica when we stopped at a little food/souvenir shop on our way back to the airport.  We had went up to the counter and saw some beef patties, some chips, not much else from what I could remember.  Then another tourist we did not know was inspecting the patties and looked confused.  She asked us what they were and I was just dumbfounded by the question.  I could not believe she didn't know what a simple Jamaican Beef Patty was and wondered where on earth she could be from.  I guess that's my own ignorance that I assumed she should know what it was, but from that day on I gained more appreciation for what I have and have access to. 

Now, coming back from that tangent I always go off on, I'm not Asian, but I'm basically Asian by association.  hahahaha.  I laugh mostly because I'm just imagining what Ang and Meowie are thinking right now (2 out of my 3 followers). ;)   Anyway, I eat lots of Chinese food, but I have no clue in the world how to replicate a single dish.  However, there is ONE sauce/dip/condiment that I have learned to make (somewhat), and that my tummy absolutely ADORES , and that is GEUNG CHEUNG.  I think it literally means Ginger Scallion, which are its two main ingredients.  Confirmation, anyone??!  It has four main ingredients in total, the two previously mentioned, and soy sauce and oil.  You can also add a drop of sesame seed oil at the end if you like.

So you would make the sauce, and then basically eat it with poached chicken, or you can make some yummy crab and eat it with that, and RICE.  MMmmmMmmMmmmmmm.  SO GOOD.


Step 1, 1, 1:  We can have lots of fun (NKOTB)

Step 2, 2, 2:  Just kidding, I won't continue, I promise!  Here we go, very finely mince lots and lots of ginger.  I used one medium piece.  Then chop up some scallions; you can chop them roughly.  Combine the two in a heat resistant bowl.

Step 3:  Heat some vegetable oil in a pan; use enough oil to essentially cover the ingredients in your bowl.  Put on high heat, wait until you can see the little creases that begin to form in the oil (as somewhat seen in pic below).  You want to make sure the oil is HOT.  

Step 4:  Once oil is sufficiently blazing hot, take off of stove and pour directly onto your ginger and scallions.  

Step 5:  Add soy sauce and sesame seed oil as desired.
final result, without soy sauce added yet

Step 6:  Done!!  Or, as my Chinese friends would say, Done!  ;)  hee hee. (you know you love me)

my lunch on an ugly corelle plate.  i can't take pro photos for beans.  sigh

Try it and Enjoy!!  You won't be disappointed! 

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  1. Totally love your bastardized version!
    Can u feed me some?


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