Numeric TV Tray

yipee!  it's done!

Well I've done it!  Remember the TV tray I had been working on weeks back, well, I've finally completed it!  Well okay, I have to do a coat or two of poly, (hee) but that's easy right?!! ;)  I'm delaying it because I'm scared.  I've never used it before and I don't want to screw up!!  This seems to be a running theme with all my projects... I can't finish them because each step further leads to yet another chance to muck something up!  I am going to do it, however, I've actually been waiting for a 50% off coupon @ Michael's, which I knew would come this weekend, so that I could buy a can for cheaper.  tee hee.

Anyway, here is, essentially, the finished product!   Looks SOOO much better than that drab, cheap, wood.  Do you agree???

It was SUPER easy to sand, and really easy to paint.  I just did a quick sanding with 180 grit paper, and then painted one layer of white with Behr Interior Paint & Primer in one.  The numbers I painted with regular craft paint in metallic from Michaels.  I used green and blue for either side of the spectrum, then diluted them down with white craft paint to get the gradient effect (as seen in the original post).  Then I painted again with two more layers of white.  The only laborious part was the stenciling because I did not have a stencil.  BUT, if you do have one, you can make something like this in a JIFFY!!

I know a lot of people have these in their homes, it seems to be a necessary evil because they're so handy yet so ugly.  

So, why not spiff it up a bit?!!
ugly, boring, hideous, eye sore.  any other adjectives you want to add??

care for a read?


doesn't look too shabby when it's put away either!  :)
 Let me know what you think of it!!

I'm definitely going to refinish more with different styles in the weeks to come!

Show me a pic if you do try it for yourself!  


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