And the problems begin...

OKay, so I've begun the sanding.  I think I sanded for about 5 hours yesterday (probably more but I don't want to admit it to myself).. and I'm only barely done HALF the table.  Someone please tell me if that is right or wrong?!  I went on the site TLC home and they have an article about refinishing wooden furniture.  Quite informative, though some things I'm not quite sure I understand.  Also, they recommend HAND sanding the furniture.  Ummm, 'scuse me?  Seriously, my DeWalt is taking long enough, I doubt my hand will do a better job (insert dirty joke here).  So here is the progress..

in it's natural state, scratched up and wonderful!
part sanded/ part somewhat sanded/ part omg when will it be done!

ahh :)  i could stare at this area forever, nice plain wood

where sanded meets unsanded
Now I will admit...I made a big boo boo.  I sanded the whole thing with a heavy grit paper right down to the bare wood.  Now I read that you're not supposed to do that and you're supposed to use finer and finer paper as you go.  Arg.  We'll just have to see what happens.  I'll try to do that with the rest of the table, I just don't have that much varying degrees of fine to coarse paper on hand.   And yes, I am too lazy at this moment to go get more.   Let's just say I'm more of a "let mistakes happen then fix them and then learn from them " kind of girl.  :)  hee.  More to come...

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  1. Having just sanded a much smaller piece, I can tell you that I feel your pain :)


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