{Some Wonderful Things..}

 Some random things that made me happy of late...

you talkin' to me?
Meet one of my three nephews.  Words can't express how special this little guy is (I knooowww, every aunt/parent/grandparent says that) but he REEALLY is!  :)  He is so independent, so innocent, and just a down right good boy.   Now don't get me wrong, he's still a boy so he's still a very rambunctious little mischief maker.  But he always does the right thing, and he always tells the truth even when he gets in trouble.  Anyway, I could have chosen one of the nicely taken pictures where he was staring right into the camera smiling merrily with his ice cream, but this picture is just so typical of the hilarious expressions he always inadvertently makes.  It's priceless.   He's priceless.  And there he is, just chillin' on the back patio with me and my dad.. him.

I bought these when I was in Italy at this store called EATaly.  It was an awesome store, a bookstore, mixed with foodie goodies which all support the slow food movement.  They also serve food there in keeping with the values of the movement!  All fresh local ingredients.  {wonderful}.  So, I had to get something to commemorate my love of this store!

I love the bottle of the ginger drink!  The font, the colour, the graphics.. for some reason it just makes my heart skip a beat.  It's just..beautiful.  I wish I could drink drinks like this at home, all the time.  My refrigerator door would be lined with them.  Ah, so beautiful and perfect that would be.  I can imagine it would be similar to the feeling of living in an IKEA ad.  Everything in it's place, everything perfect, everything looking awesome.

Also, I couldn't resist the tea cup w/ the mini milk jug!  When I saw it I immediately imagined myself snuggled up in bed on a cold rainy day, pouring milk into my Earl Grey filled tea cup.  ;)  Do I sound nuts?  Please forgive me, I'm like this sometimes... :(

This was handcrafted by yours truly on Friday.  Yum.  It's Strawberry Shortcake.  Actually, I've been told the "cake" wasn't really cake.  Then I realized it wasn't really either. It was more of a biscuit texture.  The jury is actually still out on how good it tastes.  All I know is EYE sure like it.  I think my friends thought it was at least decent..!.  It's okay, the atmosphere of sitting on the patio, eating strawberry...err, biscuit with my friends, while the sun was slowly setting, made it extra good!  :)

This is Welcome, Ontario.  Can you believe there's a town called, Welcome?!!  Like, who lives there?  It's just such a delightful town name that there has just got to be some sort of strict requirements as to who can take up residency there!  One sour grape would just ruin the whole inspiration of the town name itself!  So, I'm thinking this is what the questionnaire must ask..

○ Do you have a kind/benevolent nature?
○Do you go out of your way to be social and friendly?
○Do you smile at least 75% of the day?
○What do you like better, rain or rainbows?

You get the idea.  :)  I cannot imagine a grumpy old man living in Welcome.  I certainly can't...I won't!

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