Introducing the Principessa...

the face only a mother could love??

Principessa means Princess in Italian and Tutu, the absolute love of my life, could not be more of one.   I guess all cats are to an extent.  Tutu takes it to a whole other level though.   She is the cutest, sweetest, bitchiest little girl.  
And I {love} her to little goopy pieces. 

It's really difficult for me to say the L word, but because she's a cat, it's a lot easier.  I have an endless amount of names for her, sometimes lasting a day, a week, or months.   Right now her latest fad nickname is Jiggabot...don't ask me why.  I must have been watching transformers and listening to Jay-z or something.  hee.   :)

I just love calling out to her and having her around.  I know she likes just having me around too, because she always follows me around the house but is sure to never get too obviously close.  If she's sleeping on my bed with me and I leave the room, it's only a matter of minutes before she will leave too.  Even if she's snoring up a storm.  And she ALWAYS attempts to sleep on my stomach when I'm on my laptop.  I take those moments as her expressing her affection for me.

When I was leaving for the airport to go to Italy, she could care less, but I was so sad to leave her.  When I came home, she serenaded me with a couple meows and in her caring, yet still aloof, way, stuck by me and "allowed" me to snuggle with her.  It was soooo wonderful.

Ah... the love of a cat

I think it takes a very specific type of person to love a cat.  Someone who doesn't mind giving more love than getting.  I don't know if that's a good thing or not... it just is what it is.   Cat lovers want love from their pet, just like dog lovers, but they don't want to take the easy way out and get a dog.  A dog will love you even if you smack it around and call him names.  It's such an effortless relationship.  A cat will take you to account for your actions.  They definitely need and give love too, it's just not in an all up in your face kind of way.  I think their independence is admirable; their personalities so unique.  Not to say dogs are just mindless drones,  but they aren't as thoughtful and delicate as cats are.  I know plenty of people who would disagree.. so let's just agree to disagree!

I mean, how could you NOT love a face like that??

attack mode: my arm... a little lamb for the slaughter.  and i still her

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