Projects, Projects, Projects...

So many projects, SO LITTLE TIME!!  I know, I should be focusing on the job search and school...and I am... I've just ALSO been working on finishing up a couple projects I've had going for a while.

Last year, I found this hideous, hideous forest green side table on somebody's driveway getting sent to the trash.  Now, I mean it was ugly like, found in the attic at your grandma's house covered in cobwebs and spiders kind of ugly.  The style itself isn't beautiful.. but it had a cute little drawer and I thought I could fix it up to look nice.

unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of it before i began fixing it. :(

MY BAD!  This whole blog thing is new to me, so I didn't realize how important pictures are in the chronicling process.  Now I know!  You'll just have to trust me this time that it was 20 years too late for it's date with the wood chipper.  The process was quite difficult.  For such a small table, all the legs and little parts took a really long time to sand by hand.  The green was so strong, I had to prime it white, then I used THREE bottles of rust-oleum satin spray paint in "Heirloom White" to finish.   Here's a look at a bit of the process:
sanding done, sprayed first coat

these legs were so DIFFICULT to sand!

I must say, finished product still looks bland.  I originally intended to give it an antique look, and I still can, I'm just still learning how to do that.  I can't decide if I should do crackle effect, or the "browning" look where you put brownish paint on those key spots in order to make it look warn out.  

Anyway, then to spruce it up a bit more, I decided to line the inner drawer with some fabric..just to give it some LIFE.

elmers spray adhesive, it doesn't disappoint

template for fabric cut out
I used the paper template in order to cut out a perfect fabric size.  Once I sprayed the elmers on, I had to place it on PERFECTLY otherwise it would stick in places I didn't want it to and look messed up.  THANK GOD it worked out.
And the final product....

still bland, right?

i think i love the drawer the most!

I'm actually glad I'm done.  I spent a LOT of days baking in the sun trying to spray paint this thing.  I don't think I would ever spray paint again, it's not worth it.  Painting is much easier and I think gives it a better finish.  Also, side note, if you ever do want to buy spray paint and you frequent the U.S., the bottle of spray paint I bought was $6 compared to $3 at the Home Depot there.  Also, the chalkboard paint here is maybe $22, I got it for $9 there.  

Anyway, next time I will definitely spend my efforts on a piece of furniture that I more enjoy the look of, even though it may have ugly elements.  I will let you know how the antiquing goes...suggestions??

** update: I posted this table on kijiji and got some interest!  though nobody has followed through.  :(  however, i really want to refinish some more things.. so it's very encouraging! 

**further update: SOLD!!!  To the lowest bidder @ $35.  You know what I'm just happy it's gone and someone loves it and wants to use it!


  1. I loveeeeeee it!!!!! You did a fantastic job!!
    I wanted to refinish an old dresser from my moms however never brought it over to the cat ranch yet, I will bug you for tips if u don't mind!
    And yes vision board!

  2. It's such a cute table! Love that you lined the drawer. Thanks for your VERY KIND comments at Red Hen Home!


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