The weekend

Quite a bit went on this weekend..!  A welcome change as most of the time I just like to veg out.  Last week I visited the page of one Miss Korrie @ Red Hen Home and now my life has completely changed!  She restores furniture in the most exquisite way.  All I want to do now is go on kijiji, buy furniture, and refinish it.  Of course, I have no clue in the world how to do that exactly, but I'm sure gonna try!!  :)  For some reason I feel if I can make something old and not so obviously beautiful into something amazing, then I will have done something good and useful.

 I've found my true calling.

Okay okay, let's not be so dramatic.  hee.  :)  But I'm really excited and can't wait to see if I will be able to finish a table and have it look decent enough that others want to possess it.  :)    

This is my goal.

I, of course, immediately set up two appointments to pick up two tables from two separate people on the weekend.  One of them, I will say was a good pick (I think, from my limited knowledge) and the other, hmm, how can I say this gently..?  It's a useless piece of crap.  I wouldn't even be able to PAY someone $10 to take it off my hands, and I had to PAY $10 for it!   The kicker is, her asking price was $20!!  Now you might ask, how did I get stuck with this rotten lemon of a table if I was able to inspect it when I went to collect it from the owner?  Well, I wasn't the one that picked it up!  I'm kicking myself still.  

solid wood, really?!
 The nerve of this seller!  
Since when does chip wood and flaking off veneer = solid wood??
Funny thing is, I even specifically asked if it was a veneer even in SPITE of her ad saying solid wood, it went exactly like this:
Me: Is this a wood core table with a veneer on top, or is it solid wood? 
Her: It is solid wood
Me: So when you look at the bottom of the table and the top, the wood is the same?
Her: Yes

It was CHIP wood on the bottom!!!  I'd really like to give her the benefit of the doubt here, but there is NO excuse for her.  grrr.  >=T     But you know, it's all okay because you live and you learn.  The only way I can learn more about the process of furniture restoration is to do it, and I think this is part of it.  I won't be fooled again!  We hope.  
 And this is my potential beauty...

Now, let me just say, the table does NOT look like this.  I am a bit miffed, not that it matters because I was going to finish it anyway, but they kind of misrepresented the table a bit in their ad too.  This must have been a picture of the day they bought it, because it is not as neat and clean as this!  sigh.  People nowadays.  You can't trust 'em... You can't... kill 'em?  haha ha..  JUST KIDDING.  =I   seriously, kidding.  :)

I mean, what if I had to drive 30km away to go pick these items up?! 

Anyway, I hope to fix it up by painting on some french writing, just like on Red Hen Home.  I'm a copycat what can I say.  I'm gonna need some more experience before I can branch out and be creative.  :)
Wish me luck!  I think I need it!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project !!!!


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