Soap in a Vase

Hello hello! I haven't posted in a while.. (THREE days!).. sorry!  I must admit it has been a BIT discouraging that I have only three followers.  But I am forging on because I LOVE my three followers and I <3 doing this blog.

I've been working on this ongoing Soap project that I first saw @ Green Bean's Crafterole where she dips fabric leaves in Melt & Pour soap in order to make one time use hand soap for the bathroom.  It looks beautiful and it's functional! 

I decided to make mine using fabric flower petals that are used to sprinkle on tables at weddings.  Then I grabbed a super CUTE vase from the dollar store and sprayed the word "suds" on it using Rustoleum's frosted glass spray.  Here's how it turned out.

it says SUDS!

Now, the reason this project has been ONGOING for me, is because I've struggled so much to get my melt & pour soap to work like hers.
You can see here, my petals are not so smooth, they're a bit bubbly.  I think it's because of the soap I used, it dried really fast and made it difficult to create a nice smooth finish.  It still worked, but not super successfully.  Hopefully your soap works better!

  Soap Petals
You ONLY need:
 A few cubes of Melt & Pour Soap
  Pyrex Measuring Cup
Waxed paper
Fragrance Oil
Some fabric (polyester) in whatever shape you like (leaf, flower petal, rose petal, etc)

1.  Melt cubes of soap in Pyrex in the microwave.  Put in for 1 minute at half the power, or however much it takes until your amount of soap is just melted.  Don't overheat.
2.  Once out of microwave, take your tweezers, grab a petal and dip into soap.  Make sure it's fully covered, then pull out, let drip, then place on waxed paper.
3.  Continue with all your petals until the soap is done. 
4.  Let dry!  Done!

Frosted "S U D S" Vase
You need:
Shallow dollar store Vase
Frosted Glass Spray
Painter's tape
Alphabet Stickers
on sale @ michaels.  woot!

alphabet stickers

1.  Take your vase, place painter's tape making a rectangular space that is 3 5/16" long by 7/8" high .  Cut tape into three 1/4 inch strips and place strips along the space leaving four square spaces that are 11/16" by  7/8" each.
2.  Take your alphabet stickers (s, u, d, & s), and place one letter in each space spelling "s u d s".  Rub over all the tape and stickers very hard with the back of your nail to make sure it's stuck on well.  Once you start to spray you don't want any of the liquid going under the tape.
  3.  Spray according to manufacturer's instructions.  Do very light sprays side to side, don't hold down on the trigger.
4.  Let dry.  Carefully remove stickers and tape.  Your letters will be revealed!

Now take your dry soap petals, place them in the vase, and Wa-LA (reference to my dad).

{beauty} in the bathroom

Soap Up!

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  1. Love it love it love it!! You are so creative!!
    Such a nice touch in the washroom!

  2. these turned out fab!...and the etching on the glass!...love it!....

  3. sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't... it's back to not working.... =I


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